• You have a phone system in the office for your office team, but in the future do they always have to be there?

    • IP telephony and IP connectivity are enabling the ‘new economy’
    • Home workers, flexible working, remote locations, Wide Area Networks
    • Home extensions, soft phones on laptops, location flexibility
    • It sounds like the future but it needs planning in today
    IP telephone systems from Direct Telecoms
  • You invest in mobile phones for core voice and data services, but now you have the hardware what else might those units deliver?

    • Tracking and mileage claims?
    • Live text and call reports?
    • Field document completion and signature capture?
    • Job allocation?
    Mobile phones for core voice and data services from Direct Telecoms
  • Today you have a mobile phone system and an office phone system, tomorrow you might just have Vodafone OneNet!

    • A mobile PBX
    • GSM desk phones for temporary locations
    • IP phones and mobile phones fully paired
    • One tariff for mobile and fixed activity
    Vodafone One Net from Direct Telecoms


Our customers know that it is their people who will define the success of the business. Their efficiency, their commitment and their happiness will make a material difference to the profitability of the organisation.

As a communications and connectivity provider our role is very clear:

  • Understand the people, processes and objectives of your business.
  • Understand the costs associated with communications, travel and availability.
  • Provide communications solutions which move the business forward into the new economy delivering the best return on investment from these products and services.

Our success has come through the working relationship we enjoy with our customers. They involve us in the challenge of improving the efficiency of their business and together we constantly review the services they use, manipulating them wherever necessary. As technologies change and present new options we are close enough to our customers business to identify real advantages and plan them into future service upgrades.

We are fortunate that every customer that comes to us is already investing in mobile, fixed line and IP services. We are not being asked to justify new expenditure however our responsibility is to ensure that each investment we promote improves the return on investment, increases flexibility and efficiency and takes our customer’s business forward.

The answer my be SIP, EFM, FTTC, 3G, 4G, 365, LAN, WAN, EE or something expressed in English, an I-Phone, Blackberry, Vodafone, mobile data, home workers, networked offices. What every the blend of products and services, we will help you make the right choices and support those services once deployed.

We design solutions, provide continuous analysis and deliver first class support.